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In addition to the interviews I conducted with Bhutanese refugees and CARITAS staff, I found these sources helpful. I invite others to suggest more.

About 24 sources are listed under Bridging Refugee Youth and Children’s Services website's Highlighted Resources for Bhutanese. Some of the ones I list below are also available at their site. BRYCS list Available at

2010 UNHCR country operations profile - Nepal. Available at

32,000 Bhutanese Refugees Resettled So Far. 19 June 2010. Available:

Bhutan News Service is a news agency run by refugees. Available at

Bhutanese Refugees: Story of a Forgotten People. Available at

Cultural Orientation Resource Center backgrounder Bhutanese Refugees in Nepal Available at

Deepak's Diary

Durable Solution to Bhutanese Refugee Problem. Available at

"Education in the Camps." Bhutan News Service. Available

Fears of 'demographic inundation' behind Bhutan's refugee crisis. 29 August 2010 Available

From Bhutan: The Silent Suffering of Democracy by Youth Organization of Bhutan (Kathmandu: October 1998)

Images of Bhutanese Refugee Camps by various photographers
Kishore K. Sharma.

International Organization for Migration. Available at

“Last Hope: The Need for Durable Solutions for Bhutanese Refugees in Nepal and India.” Available at

Nepal's Refugee Camps. PBS video.

The Unheard Voices. blog. Available

South Asia Analysis Group. Bhutanese Refugees in Third Countries. Feb 2010. Available

UNESCO Case study of Education System in Refugee Camps in Nepal. 1997. Available