Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why a Blog Describing the Educational Experience of Bhutanese Refugees in Nepal?

I started this blog to provide information for teachers and counselors about why Bhutanese refugee students left Nepal and what their schools in Nepal are like. The purpose of sharing this information is to help us all respond with greater insight and empathy to this group of students and their families who, like other newcomers, bring their hopes and dreams for a new life in a new country.

The blog is organized by topic pages. Each topic page has bolded questions, and after the response, you’ll find a highlighted section of points particularly important to teachers and counselors. 

Click on Portrait of the Schools to find information on 
  • the school day
  • the classroom space
  • teachers, teaching methods, teacher training
  • English language usage
  • curriculum and testing
  • extra-curriculuar activities
  • the role of school counselors
  • the parent-teacher relationship
  • classroom etiquette and uniforms
  • early childhood education
  • programs for differently-abled students

I chose a blog format to invite members of the Bhutanese refugee community, their teachers, and counselors to add their own insights. Please add comments!